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Re: [SLUG] Pulse Audio

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Sorry Daniel if I offended your favourite program. It is just that I
have had to re-setup my sound several times now with each ubuntu upgrade
and it has almost always been a problem that could be lain at the feet
of PulseAudio. I have been able to solve the problem this time with
Robert's advice and editing of some files but in the past it has had to
be removed to repair the system and it took ubuntu desktop with it - not
a characteristic of a well behaved program. It has given me grief in the
past so I have always considered it malware but I take your point and
will not do so in future.


Daniel Pittman wrote:
> Heracles <heracles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> After upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10 I no longer have sound. lspci recognises my
>> Creative Labs Live card but I get nothing out of it.
>> Last time this happened I fixed it by the complete removal of Pulse Audio.
> What was PulseAudio doing that caused you to have problems with sound output?
> Have you checked if that is happening again?
> If not, what exactly isn't working: is it just that GNOME applications through
> libcanberra are not outputting audio, or other things?
> Does audio work if you tell an alsa application to talk direct to the
> hardware?
> Have you checked the volume levels and mutes on the sound card?
> Is it actually supported?  IIRC, at least some of the Creative cards required
> firmware to offer various basic facilities — like sound — and didn't offer
> other basic facilities — like mute — with anything that could be
> redistributed.
>> Is there a simple fix or do I just have to remove this malware.
> While PulseAudio may not work for you, throwing around the "malware" label is
> the same as the people who unsubscribe from mailing lists by hitting the
> "report as SPAM" button in their mail client:
> It is unhelpful, technically incorrect, and it makes you look kind of silly.
> A better approach is to say something like "...remove this awful, broken pile
> of steaming refuse that I would be ashamed to allow to touch my systems." :)
>         Daniel
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