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[SLUG] Announcement roundup from October meeting

Just to summarise the things people announced at the start of our
October meeting:

 - Ubuntu Killer^WKarmic Koala was released yesterday. If you have a
Jaunty Jackalope machine you should be prompted for an upgrade -
otherwise you can download it from the usual places
(http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download will help you find the usual
places, if you don't know where they are already)

 - Or, you could buy it on a USB stick from the everythinglinux store
which has just reopened. Online at http://www.elx.com.au/, or visit
the store at 102/38 Oxley Street  St Leonards.

 - The film "Us Now" was mentioned. http://www.usnowfilm.com/ has
details; it's described as "A film project about the power of mass
collaboration, government and the internet". It's freely available
from your favourite torrent site under a Creative Commons license.

- Mention was made of the OpenAustralia Hackfest - MashupAustralia
Edition, being held at the Google office next weekend. Details for
MashupAustralia (including how you could win the $10k prize) are at
http://mashupaustralia.org/; details about OpenAustralia are at
http://openaustralia.org/, and details about the hackfest are at