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Re: [SLUG] MythTV issues

Oh I just had a thought, if your using a vdpau based version of myth, what driver are you using. If your using an nvidia driver there was some incompatibility mentioned between versions of avenards repo and the drivers.

Meijer, Luke wrote:
Thanks for this.

I will check it out but I am not to fussed as I want to re-install 9.10 at the end of the month anyway.

Have you looked at 0.22 at all? I am hoping it is ready for joint release with Koala.


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I am running the same setup as you are with no problems

vdpau seems to have fixed a judder/tearing issue I was having and all seems to be working well now with minimal CPU use.

Meijer, Luke wrote:
Hi Jake

Yea a reboot was done after the updates and the issue still surfaced.

I guess I am not sure what logs I should be looking at for the issues.


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