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Re: [SLUG] quiet computer

<quote who="Ken Foskey">

> My computer is too noisy. It is not graphics because it is not used much
> and when it does there is enough background noise. It is the power supply
> and cpu fan that kicks in with cron at 2 am in the morning.
> I was thinking about adding fluid cooling, is this worth it or else can I
> where can I get a powerful 24 hour home system that will run quietly?

You can get very quiet CPU and PSU fans these days. (I've always found GPU
fans to be the most problematic, because they're cheap and usually difficult
to replace.)

My current solution: An HTPC style case for my desktop system, which has no
PSU fan at all (it uses a laptop-style power supply)... and a quietish CPU
fan... which is getting louder with age. ;-)

The server in the lounge room just has quiet fans, and is only audible in
the dead of night, when the TV isn't on. Or when the disks go crazy.

Turns out it's quite scary when the disks go crazy in the dead of night when
the TV isn't on. :-)

- Jeff

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