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Re: [SLUG] VPS hosting

$quoted_author = "Bernie Pannell" ;
> We migrated to Bullet Proof Networks earlier this year from another
> provider, & have been very happy with the service, support, &
> monitoring.  They're a commercial setup, so not as cheap as some of
> the others quoted.  They have an impressive client list.
> http://www.bulletproof.net.au

You will find that the higher prices are reflected in a different kind of
service. They run it on VMware and your server can migrate to a different
host during maintenance or if a physical host fails. This also means it's
running off a FC SAN.

Most VPS are run off a single server, local disk. If something happens to it
you are down.

You get what you pay for basically. I personally use Linode because my
priorities are cheap then quality. If I was running a business off it, the
extra cost would probably be worth it.


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