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Re: [SLUG] Wireless Broadband for Net Book

Tim Bayfield wrote:
Greetings SLUG,

Can anyone advise if there is a USB Wireless Broadband device from any of the ISPs which will work with a PC based Net Book running Linux?

Telstra Series 7.

Model: MF636

You need to turn off the device's functionality as a thumb drive and not as a modem.

From here (and other places): http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1005910

*You can try the following steps:

1. on WinVista through control panel ADD the extra init command *AT+ZCDRUN=8*
2. try to connect once with the providers s/w (WinVista)
3. remove the above command through control panel (WinVista)

Sending this command to the device is essential to un-paperweight it: **AT+ZCDRUN=8*
Then you have to make sure that usb_serial is loaded for the device.


Then just plug it in (to Ubuntu) and it gets found and enter your pin and you're off.

We use these for all our staff's laptops running ubuntu.

Big Note: DO THIS:::: **AT+ZCDRUN=8 first (and only once).

Sounds a pain but it should only be done once.