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[SLUG] Fwd: Melbourne’s first OpenAustralia hackfest

Hi SLUGgers,

OpenAustralia will be having it's first hackfest in Melbourne in a few
weeks. If you know anyone in Melbourne that is interested in open
government, politics or hacking please forward them this invite.

Also if anyone knows of a LUG in Melbourne that would be keen to announce it
that would be great too!



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Henare Degan" <henare@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sep 8, 2009 9:14 PM
Subject: Melbourne’s first OpenAustralia hackfest
To: <openaustralia-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

OpenAustralia.org, Australia’s first eDemocracy website, would like to
invite its friends, fans and volunteers to its first Melbourne

The first OpenAustralia hackfest[0], held in Sydney in June, was a big
success, attracting 50 volunteers. We worked on solving existing
problems as well as starting new OpenAustralia projects including a
mobile version of OpenAustralia.

We’re happy to announce that several of the founders of OpenAustralia
will be making the trip to Melbourne so you can talk to them about the
project, put forward your own ideas, and get to work right away!

If you’re a software hacker, you can dive in and work on bugs, pick an
item from the wishlist and start creating a new feature, or work on
just about anything you’d like to to improve or extend OpenAustralia.
The sky’s the limit!

If you’re a fan or user of OpenAustralia and you’re not technically
minded, fear not! Websites don’t get better without people USING them
and TESTING them to give us ideas on how to improve! If you’re a
journalist or someone who really loves statistics and databases, help
us by coming up with crazy searches that push the limits of what
OpenAustralia can do!

ThoughtWorks[1] is kindly hosting the hackfest, which kicks off at 12
noon and will go until 5pm. Please note you’ll need to bring your own
laptop. A ThoughtWorks volunteer will meet hackfest attendees at 12
sharp to let them in the building, so please be on time.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you think might
be interested – but note that due to the size of the room, we won’t be
able to accept more than 30 people for this event.

RSVP[2] by Wednesday, 23 September please, so we can arrange nametags.

We look forward to working with you to make our democracy a little more

>From the OpenAustralia team.

[1] http://www.thoughtworks.com.au/
[2] http://anyvite.com/tz0xufzhxh