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Re: [SLUG] GPT partions, losetup and mounting NTFS

----- "Chris MacKenzie" <cmackenzie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I prefer to use kpartx to create device mappings from lvm disk
> images,
> it's much easier than fapping about with offsets :)
> usage : kpartx [-a|-d|-l] [-v] wholedisk
>         -a add partition devmappings
>         -d del partition devmappings
>         -l list partitions devmappings that would be added by -a
>         -p set device name-partition number delimiter
>         -g force GUID partition table (GPT)
>         -v verbose

Ahh yes I remember now from when I was mucking around with multipath. That would probably have worked. Might use it in the scripts I have to write now to make all this work.