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Re: [SLUG] Writing Double layer DVD-R - problems

HI Bill,

sometimes slowing the burn down works. Also check that the blank can write at the nominated speed. Another thought is that sometimes you can update the firmware on these things. Might be worth checking the manufacturer website occasionally.


bill wrote:
Thanks Tony and Ben

As I stated, I tried with 3 PCs and 3 DVD-RW's - the latest being only a recent purchasre - an Asus SATA DVD-RW.

Anyway, managed to burn the .iso to a dual/double-layer DVD+R with Brasero under XUbuntu 9.04.

at (near) completion I got an error message, but I can play the full movie and extras using SMPlayer, so I'm not sure what problem was but I think that it was something to do with creating a new checksum.

When I have time I'll investigate further.

With Mint7 on 2 of the PCs I got the message (using Brasero) "medium is not writeable with current set of plugins" though as stated I can play the written DVD on one of these PCs with SMPLayer and Kubuntu 8.04.