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Re: [SLUG] New in the mailing list, just saying hello

Arnaldo Ariel Arrieta wrote:
> Today I joined this mailing list and just wanted to say hello to everybody.
> My name is Ariel (just in case: I am a guy, In Spanish, Ariel is a
> male name :-) ) and I live in Argentina.
> I know this is the Sydney LUG and that we are more than 12000 km.
> apart, but I am a big fan of Australia (wish to live there some day)
> and I thought it could be interesting (and fun) to join your mailing
> list and be able to take part helping and learning.
> Well, thats all, dont want to make you get bored.
> See you :-)
> --
> Ariel

Bienvenido a SLUG!