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Motorolla U9 was Re: [SLUG] Kogan Agora Netbooks

Voytek Eymont wrote:
On Mon, July 27, 2009 9:56 am, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:

By the way, I have just bought a new motorolla U9 and was
pleasantly surprised at the plug and charge/play USB power/data
functionality. <http://www.ramin.com.au/linux/motorolla-u9.shtml>


fwiw, AFAIK, Motorola has been using USB power & data for a while, if not
longer, my last Motorola phone had miniUSB power/data, my 'new' Motorola
has microUSB. USB port on phone body is one my pre-reqs for a phone

can the camera on U9 focus?

It isn't just USB data - it pops up on the desktop as a USB disk drive!

Whereas, my 4 year old Canon Camcorder/still camera required the use of PTP Cam
software to access the photos. What is curious is the U9 comes with a windows
software disk! But it was just plug and play on my old Targa Laptop still
running Knoppix 5.1.

The Motorola U9 has a microUSB socket.....which was slightly different to the
one on the MVP player (also discussed at above link). It is worth noting that
the chinese government has mandated USB power...and the europeans have also done
so, with a slight variation see

In bright light the photos are good, though it can be hard to see the screen.
The photo, of paddy's market, at the page above was the first one I ever took
with the camera. It also has upto 8x zoom and a few other camera functions which
I haven't checked out yet. It is a 2Megapixel camera.

If you would like to compare quality  (assuming all photographers are equal) see
the photos here ( bear in mind these were all done with hand held cameras (no
tripod) so, some of the fuzzyness comes from the photographer and for the close
ups the breeze also makes the subject move):

* Viki Alonso photos were taken with a SLR
*My July 2009 Photos were taken with my U9 (no zoom)
*Other photos on the page, were taken with my 5 year old Cannon camcorder/camera
I'm pretty happy with the correa reflexa here:

Marghanita da Cruz
Phone: (+61)0414 869202