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[SLUG] Using a VPS to get an Australia IP address desktop

Richard Hayes <nada@xxxxxxxxxxx <http://us.mc252.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=nada@xxxxxxxxxxx>> writes:

>> I am setting up a VPS with RDesktop.  Does anyone know of a good guide?

>Do you mean that you want to use the Windows RDP protocol to provide access to >a Linux GUI? >>Otherwise, you probably want to clarify what you are trying to do.

Sorry, I was not clearer.
I need to have a remote user in China obtain an Australia IP address for their desktop. It is needed as local auction sites are not allowing overseas IPs to trade on the Australian sites.

So, I have used a VPS and have installed RDesktop.
But  would  VBoxHeadless be a better option?

"VBoxHeadless will start the VM and a VRDP (VirtualBox Remote Desktop Protocol) server which allows you to see the VM's output remotely on another machine.

Richard Hayes