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Re: [SLUG] petition for multi-platform etax software

2009/7/17 Jeremy Visser <jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Fri, 2009-07-17 at 06:29 +1000, Meryl wrote:
>> When I rang the ATO Tech Helpdesk about obtaining CSI software for Linux
>> I was told that their CSI software could only be used on "secure"
>> operating systems like Windows and Apple.
>> *choke!!!*
> Actually, they do have an obscurely-placed link on their website that
> has a tarball with some "Linux version" of the CSI software.
> <http://csi.business.gov.au/CSI/FrequentlyAskedQuestions.asp#Can_I_use_the_CSI_with_an_unsupp>
> <http://csi.business.gov.au/CSI/CsiInstallForLinux.tar.gz>
> Mind you, it's very poorly thrown together, and I've never successfully
> got it to run. They probably only tested it on something like RH9 and
> said "Yay, let's ship it!".

Perhaps run it in Red Hat 9 in a VM? That would take fewer system
resources than running Windows in a VM, surely.

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