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Re: [SLUG] ANOTHER draft intro/outros for SLUG monthly meeting videos

elliott-brennan wrote:
Okay. Had some feedback.

Below is another one. This I like more than any of
the others. A bit more whimsical.


Natch the original is far smoother and better looking.



I like the latest version....

My suggestions:
drop the "SLUG" frames.

Move "the SLUG SNAIL" so, that its sails are silloutted by the opera house
sails - or maybe moves across the waves right to left...pauses and then pulls the credits through

On a more mundane note,

It would be useful to have a standard form credits....following the SLUG right to left...Suggestion:Topic, Speaker, Date, Venue, camera person, editor....team?, License...and perhaps this along with the SLUG logo could persist through the video - on fixed black banner bottom of screen

Also, if this isn't already the case, if the information is included as text on
the webpage along with the abstract - then the video will be more discoverable.

Marghanita da Cruz
Phone: (+61)0414 869202