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Re: [SLUG] draft intro/outros for SLUG monthly meeting videos

Good work Patrick
I like the SLUG logo as it is our brand

elliott-brennan wrote:
Hi All,

I've decided to make myself useful. In the words
of Agent 86, "If only he had used his video skills
for good instead of evil." :))

I've offered Ken to assist in editing the videos
from the monthly meetings (and any others we put up).

As editing, merging, transcoding etc is not that
hard, I thought I'd also create an intro and outro
for the videos, as well as add credits etc where
necessary. This would give them a little more polish.

So here are some pieces I've been working on.

There are four which are similar. One each of
white and black backgrounds with borders around
the letters and one each of white and black with
no borders around the letters. My favourite is the
black with border - it makes the video stand out more.

Each of these has moving images inside the
letters. The video is from creative commons video
and some I've downloaded from our site and others
I've been given by Ken.

The fifth is a mosaic of photos which dissolves
into the slug icon with text at the bottom.

The length of the videos is not indicative of what
I'm proposing for our video, just to let people
have a look and see what they would prefer.

I've loaded them on youtube for ease of access.






If anyone has any ideas I'd be more than happy to
receive them.

Additionally, I've proposed to Ken that I get the
original video from the June meeting and then do
some work on that. If there are slideshows in the
meeting, can I be provided with them as well as
these can be merged with the video?

Once finished, I'll upload the videos for viewing
and people can see what they think.