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[SLUG] aptitude removal problem - no space left on device

Hi all,

Have been helping a student migrate to linux (ubuntu) lately - hp dv4
laptop so all sorts of sound troubles until we went back to Intrepid.
Various people had a go at fiddling with it (all in an attempt to get
sound going) and we ended up with a machine with the backport drivers
(linux-backports-modules-2.6.27-14-generic from memory).  When I try
and "aptitude remove" said package, it thrashes for ages copying
files, then runs out of space.  Have tried with 5Gb to 20Gb of free
space, and the same occurs each time, leaving a crapped out package
situation so new packages can't be installed.

Any advice as to what we might try?   One suggestion has been to
reinstall Intrepid, but given the nightmares we've had getting this
machine to work so far, I think we might lose a potential new linux
user through sheer frustration and that would be a bummer.



Denis Crowdy
Department of Contemporary Music Studies, Macquarie University +61 2 9850 6787
http://www.dcms.mq.edu.au http://motekulo.blogspot.com/

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