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Re: [SLUG] Indexing under Linux

lyx has an indexing tool, where you insert tags to parts you want indexed through your text and it generates an index at the end, much the same as it can generate a bibliography. this requires author input and thought about what you want indexed, rather than being automatically generated. Automatic generation would be hard to give good results.

Jon wrote:
I have been asked by the editor of The Indexer -- the academic journal of indexers worldwide -- to write a brief non-technical piece about indexing under Linux; and by 'indexing' here I mean creating the A-Z indexes found at the backs of books and journals. My impression is that there is currently no specific Linux indexing software and no projects going on to create any, but because of the many meanings of 'index' it's hard to search the Web for this conclusively. Does anyone have any information they would like to share on book indexing software projects specifically for Linux, either free or commercial? Respond directly to me if you don't think others will be interested.

I will take silence to mean 'No'.