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Re: [SLUG] multiple "To:" addresses for postfix virtual aliases

Daniel Pittman wrote:
david <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Daniel Pittman wrote:
david <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I want to redirect email from one postfix virtual mail address to two
different off-site addresses.
use the Postfix 'virtual' table.  man virtual(5), and curse Wietse for
having named the virtual delivery agent and the virtual alias table with
the same name.
Grrrrr...took me a while to figure out what you meant I've now added
my curses to yours.

Oh.  Sorry, I tend to forget that the Unix manpage conventions are no
longer so prevalent. :/   virtual(5) means the section 5 page for
virtual, or:

    man 5 virtual

thanks... I should have known that, but like you said, "virtual" having two entirely different meanings within the one package????

That supports multiple destination addresses just fine.
quote from: lynx /usr/share/doc/postfix/VIRTUAL_README.gz:

"More details about the virtual alias file are given in the virtual(5)
manual page, including multiple addresses on the right-hand side."

The virtual alias table being a mysql database, does that mean
modifying the aliases database manually?

No, you can use any table type that postfix supports in any table-based
lookup system.  So, you could easily have your mysql database in the
virtual_aliases entry in main.cf, just like any other mysql table.

Um, and virtual_aliases is different from the normal aliases tables, and
applies at different times, in case that wasn't clear.

postfixadmin sets up aliases but doesn't allow MULTIPLE addresses on
the right hand side.

Ah.  Now, *that* I can't help you with.  I have not used postfixadmin,
and like many GUI tools it probably doesn't like things it won't write
being present in the database. :(

I'm not incredibly happy about messing with the DB by hand.

Sorry, I always just do this stuff by hand.

In that case I'm just going to have to do it by hand.... sometimes the GUI gets in the way!