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[SLUG] SLUG meeting videos/slides?

I know that this question comes up from time to time, but I think it is the
first time that I have asked, so I thought I would kick it out there again

I try to get to meetings 2 or 3 times a year, but can't always get there,
mainly because of work and geographic issues. I know many members of the
list are in a similar situation.

As far as I am aware, video recordings of the main talks as well as slides
are captured every month.

Unfortunately, it seems though that this valuable material isn't being
published. I know that there has been issues with manpower/server
space/broken cameras etc that have been discussed in the past. So I guess I
am wondering whether there is a plan to get this back on track? I don't
imagine the problem is insoluble, and if people are made aware of what needs
to be done they can possibly pitch in.

(I am particular interested in seeing Jeff's talk tonight but probably won't
be able to get there - and I know of at least one person that can't be there
but would love to see it).

Regards, Martin