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Re: [SLUG] Synchronizing from Windows to Linux

What's the difference? I have "My Documents" (or any other directory
with precious files) with all subfolders, which I want to be also
stored somewhere else, so when my drive blows up I can get all that
stuff back. And any changes in any file under My Documents should be
reflected in the copy on remote server when I do run some sync tool.

When I had a network drive, I simply used MS SyncToy to sync with a
directory on networked drive. I also use rsync at work to copy the
changes that were done overnight to files on remote RH box and copy
them over to local Centos server. So I thought rsync Windows client
sort of tool might do the job, that's why I mentioned rsync.

FTP might work, but I haven't seen tools that would ftp in and compare
the whole tree on remote host and local drive and replicate the
changes. Although I've found Synchromagic
(http://www.gelosoft.com/adescr.html) today, will try that.


2009/5/27 Matthew Hannigan <mlh@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Well, do you want just to do backups or are you looking for something
> fancier?
> Your original mail mentioned only backups in the body (as I recall)
> but you use the "synchronising" in the subject line.