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Re: [SLUG] Synchronizing from Windows to Linux

On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 9:44 AM, Andre Kolodochka <koloda@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Given that my Lacie Ethernet disk just died, I was thinking of solid
> backup solutions for my personal files (20-30Gb). Since I have already
> Linux hosting with way more disk space than I need, I thought it will
> be great if I could sync a folder on my local drive to a folder on
> that Linux box... somewhere there.
> The problem is my local box running Windows, otherwise rsync would do
> wonders. Anybody knows of a good tool I could use to sync Windows
> folders to Linux ones? And the one that will work over Internet, not
> just LAN.

There's also a port of Rsync for Windows<http://www.itefix.no/i2/node/10650>.
Have you tried it? I've been using rsync on a Windows box and it works
pretty well. There are probably Windows native tools to do this kinda thing,
would be good to hear what others have to say on the subject.