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Re: [SLUG] GIMP (Was: Lenovo wins $150m NSW schools deal or April Fools joke?)

On Monday 18 May 2009 13:45:48 Glen Turner wrote:
> Also lacking in GIMP and Inkscape is support for spot
> printing and multi-colour processes.  PANTONE is the most
> common of those process -- it is commonly used to print
> logos onto things.

Yes.  I've done a lot of work with old fashioned Letraset.

> In short, you wouldn't notice with photos, but if you're
> trying for a moderate level of graphics arts on paper then
> the lack of ability to describe all that the printer is
> capable of gets old pretty quickly. As a simple example,
> I had to ditch GIMP to get a "sun rising" effect on some
> PR material I was preparing.

Yes.  Gimp is much better than it was but some sort of Pantone colour 
integration would be good (eventually).  An open source version of 
that would need to be implemented.

> Similarly, the lack of PANTONE support sucks if you are
> printing stuff like your sporting club's logo onto water
> bottles or whatever. 

I agree :)