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[SLUG] GIMP (Was: Lenovo wins $150m NSW schools deal or April Fools joke?)

I'm curious about the discussion in relation to

With GIMP I've modified and had printed loads <add
large number here> of photos I've taken and been
very happy with the outcome, as have the obviously
<grin> highly discerning people I've given the
photos to.

One of my work colleagues' brother is a
professional photographer. He said that often his
brother will have stacks of printed photos he's
selling which make it into the 'not good enough'
pile. My colleague says that when it's pointed out
to him (eg. the green isn't the right green) he
can see it, but only just and wouldn't have
noticed otherwise.

I accept that this is important to those in the
industry and that a standard is needed to ease the
job of printing etc.

I also would agree that CMYK should be in GIMP to
assist with its utility, adoption and
competitiveness etc. Again industry standard for
accuracy etc etc, sure sure. For most people though?

I've never been shown the difference (as in, "here
are examples of a photograph") and I don't know if
most (the majority of) people would notice or care
either way.

My 2c worth here.


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