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Re: [SLUG] Lenovo wins $150m NSW schools deal or April Fools joke?

david wrote:

Sridhar Dhanapalan wrote:
2009/4/2 Ben <shadroth@xxxxxxxxx>:
2009/4/2 Erik de Castro Lopo <mle+slug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Ben wrote:

GIMP and Inkscape can't do CMYK,
Does this not do it for Gimp?

from that link:

How its works:
* Open your RGB image in Gimp via "File > Open"
* Start Seperate+ "<Image Window> > Image > Seperate > Seperate"
* Setup the profiles, may as source "Adobe 1998" and as destination
profile "Euroscala V2"
* Press OK, an image with 4 layers is created
* Each layer represents a color channel of CMYK
* Now save the image as CMYK Tiff at "<Image Window> > Image >
Seperate > Save..."

That is really, really not an acceptable implementation of CMYK. It's
the kind of thing that could be applied as a filter afterwards. It
doesn't let you work in CMYK with any kind of ease, you still work in
RGB and then do some kind of hideous conversion that would be almost
impossible to fine tune.

The point of CMYK is that you create stuff in the appopriate colours:

My printing recommends the following:
* Black text: 100%K, 0% all others
* Black backgrounds: 100%K, 30%C, 0% others

RGB gets converted to CMY(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)(with no K(Black) channel).

This leads to imperfect blacks in printing, and 3x the ink being
dumped to form black leads to smearing, drying issues etc.
Text ends up with fuzzy colour speckles around it too.

The GIMP plugin will not resolve these issues as every part of the
image would have to be hand tuned after being created, which is really
not practical.

GIMP does CMYK natively now:

Color support

GIMP also has a palette with RGB, HSV, color wheel, CMYK, and mixing modes, plus tools to pick colors from the image with various averaging options. There is support for hexadecimal color codes (as used in HTML). "CMYK" colors are immediately translated into RGB when used; GIMP does not have any built-in support for CMYK mixtures that cannot be represented in RGB, such as rich blacks, though they can be simulated to a limited extent with third-party add-ons.[citation needed]

doesn't sound like "native" to me... I hope I'm wrong

What is CMYK and what is it's significance for NSW Schools?

From what I can tell "quick google" it seems to be related to printing (and possibly PDF) ...this is not important (and possibly the greatest obstacle), to Digital/Electronic literacy.

Fancy feature based comparisons of products is usually used as a counter example to disprove a case rather than build a case. Since 2004, Gimp has worked well for me - I routineley use it to manipulate JPG photos for publishing on the web and emailing! Feedback is "how do I end up with such small photos fast, friendly webpages?

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