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Re: [SLUG] HOT SWAPPING - "Internals of the sync/umount call"

>> (Admittedly, the last is only on really bad hardware, but hey, that
>> hardware is out there and still within the reasonable life of machines
>> for home users.)
>> Anyway, once the hardware doesn't die completely you still need the
>> driver stack to notice and remove the now absent hardware from the
>> software "shadow" representation.
> Crap controllers are just that - crap ;-)

Returning to the original inquiry, and now that I know that I have a
82801GB/GR/GH (ICH7 Family) SATA IDE Controller (Intel)
How do I go about finding out if it's safe to hot-swap? Google hasn't been very helpful thus far, perhaps because I'm asking the wrong question.

Of course, someone might say "hey I've got one of those and it's fine" but if someone was reading this in the archives and wanted to find out about slightly different hardware, how would you find out?

I'm old fashioned enough that it's about the fishing rather than the fish ;-)