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Re: [SLUG] XBitHack

There is an add-on that allows a reply to list button to appear on the toolbar. I have just found it.

david wrote:
Sridhar Dhanapalan wrote:
Hi Irma,

Think about this for a second: if you can do that to other people,
can't other people do that to you?

Wouldn't it be annoying if everyone who sent you an e-mail thought
that their message was more important than others, and so decided to
make it "show up in red" in your inbox?

Hi Sridhar....

Isn't it annoying when you think you have a reply to the thread of which you were the OP, and it turns out that someone has hijacked the thread without changing the subject line?? Ah etiquette, etiquette...

It's ok though.. my tongue is in my cheek and I'm not *really* annoyed.

:)                <------------------smiley


PS.. and seeing that we have changed the subject... how do you make thudderbird reply to list? I can't find the function anywhere. Possibly because i'm stupid, I know.