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Re: [SLUG] XBitHack

speaking of etiquette...

Could we change the thread name? I was really hoping that this post would have something to do with XBitHack but alas it's about replying to emails :(

If anyone has any clues about XBitHack failing when I reload Apache2 config containing <XBitHack on>, I would be truly grateful. (see OP)


Irma Birchall wrote:
Hello Erik

Sorry to bother you but how can I (I use MS outlook) select for my emails to
show up in red in other people's outlook inbox?
How do you get this effect?

Thank you

Best regards, Irma
Irma Birchall Calyx Group Pty Limited trading as CALYX information essentials
Koha implementations and services
M: 0413 510 717
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Kyle wrote:

MUST HIT "Reply to All"

Actually, many people consider "Reply to All" a pain in the neck.

Its much better to use "Reply to List" if your mail client supports it.

Erik de Castro Lopo
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