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Re: [SLUG] Laptops with Linux pre-installed?

Peter Abbott wrote:

> I bought one of Pioneer's higher range laptops in May 2006. At this
> stage Pioneer sold with or without an MS operating system & like you I
> refused to pay the tax. If memory serves me correctly it was called a
> Dreambook and has a 64 bit AMD cpu, 1G of ram (since upgraded to 2G), a
> 17" screen and an Atheros chipset wifi card. It is actually a rebadged
> Taiwanese Clevo D470K.
> I have had absolutely no problems with it to date. I run Fedora 10
> currently. It's main negatives being it's weight (but it is a 17") and
> short battery life (about 2 hrs). I mainly use it connected to the mains
> however.

Thanks for the feedback Peter. Thats very useful.

Erik de Castro Lopo