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Re: [SLUG] Laptops with Linux pre-installed?

> Meijer, Luke wrote:


>> I was in the exact same situation with my Dell XPS 1330 purchase
>> as Ubuntu was an option for US Dell customers only.
> So why the fsck can't people in this global backwater get the same
> deal?
> I know of at least one survey which showed that Australia has a
> larger number of Linux and Free Software developers per head of
> population than any other country in the world.

As I understand it, the common excuse is the logistics of the big moat
around the rock. What I find so laughable about that pitch is that my
Vostro from Dell was puzzled together in the US and shipped over here

I theorise that the real reason is that they don't feel that 21 million
people (~25Mil if you include NZ, a few mil more if you include the
genuinely profitable regions of SE Asia), the mere equivalent of a large
USian population center, is economically sufficient enough to warrant an
expansion to the support operations to cater for the diversity.

I'd love to hear what the actual policy is, though.



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