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RE: [SLUG] Laptops with Linux pre-installed?


It is obvious you want something that you know you cant get.

I was in the exact same situation with my Dell XPS 1330 purchase as Ubuntu was an option for US Dell customers only.

I chose to go ahead and accept the ~$100 MS tax and build it with Linux the same day it arrived.

For someone who's time is so valuable and wants to drop ~$2000K on something 'high end' I really think $100 is not a lot of money for piece of mind on guaranteed driver support.

So here are the choices:

- dredge through the Linux hardware capability lists and source a laptop from a 'no name' manufacturer with the components you require with no OS.
- Pay your MS Tax and get a laptop from Dell you know will work out of the box.
- Buy a Dell through the US with Ubuntu install then somehow get it shipped back to Australia as this would record it as a Linux laptop purchase which is apparently very important to you.
- Find out if Dell AU will be offering Ubuntu installs anytime in the near future.

I know you want a Dell XPS or some other major vendor laptop with Ubuntu / Linux install... anyone who uses a Linux laptop is exactly the same as you, but at the end of the day your choices are clear cut.

It just seems from your responses that you are already aware of the choices and this is more of a chance to 'vent' rather than a request for help.


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Cibby Pulikkaseril wrote:

>    I purchased an Acer Aspire 4315 for $500 here in Sydney - it came
> with Ubuntu preinstalled, but I wiped it and installed Kubuntu.

I believe that is a netbook grade machine and I am looking for
something closer to the high end. Specifically, Core 2 Duo/Core
i7/latest AMD, 2-4 Gigs ram, 150+ Gig drive with a 13-14 inch
screen at 1280x768 or better.

I would buy a Dell XPS Studio 13 if I could get one with Linux

Erik de Castro Lopo
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