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Re: [SLUG] Increasing RAM

Kyle <kl@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> First, this would be vastly easier if you used LVM, since that makes
>> allocating space on the fly a universe easier.
> Re LVM;
> Maybe, but the last machine I had I ran LVM. I had a hard enough time
> remembering which volume belonged to which group belonged to which
> disk (and that despite naming them along the lines of;
> 'lv00Grp00Hda1', lv01Grp00Hda1').

My immediate response to that is "why would you bother?"

The only case I can think of where it would matter are wanting to have
specific partitions on specific disk sets, for performance, which you
can rediscover fairly easily if you actually need to.

I also note that you don't seem to have enough disks in this machine to
make that a concern.

Presumably, though, I have missed something, since you obviously had
reasons for wanting to know that information.  Could you explain them,
because I would like to understand what I, um, don't understand. :)

> So this time I figured I'd simplify my life somewhat. I have all the
> necessary conf and data files, etc regularly backed up so if it does
> go down, it shouldn't be TOO MUCH hassle to get it all back.

LVM is only a convenience saver, not a backup of any sort, so this would
be good practice anyway.

> It is RAID 1.  And if I understand Daniel correctly;
> "... you probably want to match the RAID setup underneath your swap to
> the setup underneath your data devices. .."
> You mean I should have the swap spread across the RAID as well.

Well, at the moment you have RAID 1 under everything except for swap,
which you have on a RAID 0 array.  (Implemented, in this case, through
the Linux kernel balancing swap space use when areas have equal
priority, as your two separate partitions do.)

That also means that when a disk fails it will potentially take out a
block of swap with no recourse, and that you will have to manually swap
off the physical device to replace it.

> I'm pretty certain that how it is as the m'board controls the RAID of
> the 2 disks. I just installed on the one array for the OS.  Either
> way, it's too late now.

It isn't, really: you could just turn those two swap partitions into a
software RAID array like the rest of your data, but RAID 1 rather than
RAID 0. :)

> In short, on the advice of all, I just wont bother with increasing
> SWAP. I'll just dump in the RAM and see what happens.

That shouldn't be a big drama.

> What's bugging me more now is trying to get bloody Ubuntu to recognise
> and operate my old Linksys-Broadcom Wireless PCI card. But that's a
> whole nother story.

You might want to post the details somewhere, see if someone can help. :)