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Re: [SLUG] Laptops with Linux pre-installed?

Jonathan <jhhummel@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I remember that there was at some stage, soemthing with the EULA with
> Windows.  Essentially, it can only be valid if you voluntarily accept
> it, therefore, if you don't you can uninstall it, send the CD's and
> documentation back to Microsoft and they have to "refund" you the
> value.  Never tried it, or talked face to face with ayone that has
> tried it though.
> Any thoughts?

Microsoft amended their license to save the OEM the trouble of this; you
can now return the entire system, hardware and all, or you can accept
the hardware and bundled OS.  No middle ground, and no option to reject
only the software.


Seriously, did you think that sort of loophole would last?