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Re: [SLUG] Recovering photos from an XD card

Thanks Dave.

I was about to dd the XD card to a file, and mount it as loopback and
see if fsck would recover the deleted files but looks like that is no
longer necessary :)

2009/4/13 David Gillies <daveg@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi James,
> James Sadler wrote:
>> I stupidly removed an XD card from my card reader under Linux without
>> unmounting it first.  When I put the card back in the machine, most of
>> the pictures were missing.  I'm guessing the filesystem is corrupt.
>> In theory the photos themselves are still there.  Does anyone know how
>> I could restore these under linux?  I am running Ubuntu Jaunty.
> Testdisk is the tool that you're looking for recovering this:
> http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk
> Its available in the ubuntu repositories.
> --
> dave.