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Re: [SLUG] Defining "Mainsteam"

Morgan Storey wrote:

> Uhh Darwin ports... it basically gives you apt-get for mac.

Thats rather a stretch.

> I am not a fan
> of macs but I am pretty sure it has been around for a while:
> http://darwinports.com/

I'd had a Mac for many years. I used to run Debian on it, but when I
replaced it I re-installed OSX. Its an old G3 PowerPC model.

I have tried Darwin ports and I was not impressed. Darwin ports compared
very poorly with Debian or Ubuntu.

The problems I faced:

 - Compiling everything from source on an old slow machine like mine
   is just horribly painful.

 - Compiling large/complex packages with lots of obscure depenadances
   (eg GNU Octave) was hellish because more than half the dependancies
   were broken.

 - Depending on upstream source tarballs to be available on hundreds or
   thousands different web servers all over the planet is plain and
   simply not reliable.

 - Darwin ports default versions of autoconf/automake/libtool were not
   compatible with each other the 2 or 3 times I tried this (all attempts
   separated by at least a couple of months). This is not an isolated
   incident, just the only one of many that I can remember now.

I'm sure Darwinports works fine for a small number of core packages (ie
git, ruby, mysql and a maybe dozen others), but anything not being used
by a large numebr of people is likely to be broken.

If you want to know what makes the Debian packages so good, look no
futher than Debian's build bot (http://buildd.debian.org/). Each and
every source package is placed in a minimal chroot environment, the
build dependancies listed in the package are installed and then the
package is built. Only packages that build successfully are uploaded
to the repository.

Erik de Castro Lopo