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Re: [SLUG] Lenovo wins $150m NSW schools deal or April Fools joke?

I agree that Neooffice also was quite stinky when I used (some time ago I
must admit), but now OO.o works really well on the Mac as of version 3 -
it's come a long way since Version 2 which I found had all sorts of issues,
the best build that I had also had all the UI icons upside down, but
otherwise was quite functional. 3.0.1 also fixed the really crappy graphing
that's always been an issue in Calc

Anyway, I think it's quite an important opportunity to get FOSS into
schools, both for the 'using tools you're familiar with in later life'
argument that Microsoft is fond of but also because the State shouldn't
force platforms onto students and often FOSS projects are the only ones that
give students, and parents, a real choice as to what kind of computer and OS
they will have at home

And whilst I'm preaching to the converted and mentioned the State, I'll also
mention it's incredibly important that open formats be used for all
documents the State publishes, what ever platform/s they decide to
purchase/use.. I've seen some progress in the media about this recently and
I was thoroughly warmed thru :) Probably some way off in reality, but that's
a different topic..

<gets off soap box>

On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 9:17 AM, Erik de Castro Lopo
> wrote:

> Ben wrote:
> > GIMP and Inkscape can't do CMYK,
> Does this not do it for Gimp?
>    http://my.opera.com/area42/blog/gimp-cmyk
> and this for inkscape (0.47):
>    http://my.opera.com/area42/blog/inkscape-cmyk
> > If you want to campaign for open source, then probably try to get some
> > government money thrown towards open source development, rather than
> > try to push things that are inferior to the other market offerings.
> Schools is one area where it actually doesn't need to be as good as
> the rest of the world (ie lots of schools still have computers running
> win2k), but where cheaper is definitely a win.
> Erik
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