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Re: [SLUG] Lenovo wins $150m NSW schools deal or April Fools joke?

2009/4/1 Richard Hayes <nada@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Why do they think the software is 'worth' anything??
> How to save $25 Million dollars  use OpenOffice, GIMP, Paint.net, Blender
> ???, Picsa,  Canvas??, Bluefish etc.

Sorry, but some of this stuff just isn't up to scratch.

GIMP and Inkscape can't do CMYK, which has caused me difficulties when
it comes to getting stuff printed properly. CMYK is the industry
standard for print jobs and GIMP and Inkscape are the leading open
source apps in their class.

I was trying to use (admittedly an older version) of NeoOffice on my
Mac and after eating 1.2GB of RAM (the system has 1GB) for a simple 13
slide presentation it then died when I tried to change a font colour.
I went out and bought Office so I could make my presentation deadline.

I sit here typing this on my Ubuntu 8.10 setup. I have to kill Firefox
on a regular basis, pulseaudio occasionally needs a kill -9.

I prefer Linux for most things, but some stuff just isn't up to
scratch and for that I go to Mac, whose interface I find inferior to
Linux and Windows, but at least it's relatively stable and runs the
apps that get stuff done.

If you want to campaign for open source, then probably try to get some
government money thrown towards open source development, rather than
try to push things that are inferior to the other market offerings.

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