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[SLUG] Lenovo wins $150m NSW schools deal or April Fools joke?

Dear list,

"Chinese computer company Lenovo has won a contract to provide 200,000 laptops for NSW secondary school students.

The NSW government has also announced agreements reached with software giants Microsoft and Adobe to provide an extensive suite of software for the laptops.

The Lenovo contract, worth $150 million, includes 25,000 laptops for teachers....

Premier Nathan Rees said his government would contribute $25.5 million for the software, which he said would cost each student more than $5,500 if they were to purchase it in a store

All the laptops will come with Microsoft Office Professional, giving students access to programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The Adobe software includes Photoshop Elements, Premier Elements, Dream Weaver and Flash."


Why do they think the software is 'worth' anything??

How to save $25 Million dollars use OpenOffice, GIMP, Paint.net, Blender ???, Picsa, Canvas??, Bluefish etc.

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