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Re: [SLUG] fast hashing/checksumming tool

2009/2/24 Dave Kempe <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> I need to checksum recursively alot of data, and store the checksums in a
> database. I can do most via a shell script, but was wondering if anyone
> could recommend a checksumming tool that was the fastest.
> I know about md5sum, sha1sum, cfv (not recursive enough). I want to be able
> to produce a checksum of many files (2.1TB worth) for verification against
> other copies of the files in various locations. I need the fastest available
> algorithm, not necessarily the most secure etc.
> Any suggestions?

sum and cksum do basic checksums and don't try to be incredibly secure.

md4 is used by some p2p networks and rsync.

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