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Re: [SLUG] Mythbuntu box shutting down at random

elliott-brennan wrote:
Hi all,

I have Mythbuntu running on

a 3Ghz P4
1.5G RAM,
500G HDD,
two PVR-150 video cards
and a 128mb nVidia card.

On the odd occasion the machine decides to reboot,
for no particular reason. Tonight, for instance,
my wife was watching the ABC and the machine just
borked and rebooted. She wasn't 'doing' anything
and the machine was doing nothing but showing the
TV...no additional work.

It's done this irregularly (eg. not every day and
not at the same time) and I can't work out a pattern.

Last week I had serious problems getting it to
stay alive for more than 10 minutes. I finally
replaced the BIOS battery and it was fine.

Can anyone suggest something I should look at?

Thanks in advance.



Anything interesting in the logs?
otherwise, potentially ram, or given its a little old, motherboard capacitors.
Last week was also really hot which would affect things somewhat badly.