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Re: [SLUG] Ask SLUG - IP Telephony

Ben Donohue wrote:
Hi all,

(this is a bit like an ask Slashdot... maybe we can have an "ask SLUG")

my work is looking at rationalizing phone/mobile usage with possibly VOIP between offices. I've suggested setting up Linux boxes and using Asterix.

As usual FOSS is a bit unknown to the higher ups and they are also looking to external suppliers.

Just a general question/thread on what have others done to get down the phone bills of...
inter-office calls
calls to and from mobiles
conferencing (mainly inter-office Australia/NZ and many Asian offices)
Blackberry/Windows Mobile

Idea's on how others have used Linux and FOSS applications to solve this problem. Anyone do this for a living? (perhaps come in or give an intro on what you can do for us?)


I have done a few installs with asterisk based soft/hardware.
Expect some teething troubles. Get a dedicated adsl line if you are heavy internet users, QOS hasn't been much of a problem for most installs however.
Run separate networks for voice and data.
I use grandstream for the physical phones they seem pretty good, perhaps a little fragile physically (they reset if you bash them, moral of the story, don't bash them). Do NOT use cisco phones, that way lies madness. don't bother trying to run a hybrid between your new and old systems. Run in parallel for a bit if you can with all outbound calls on the new system. Then dump the old and go full IP.

If you want some help with setup and demo drop me a line