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Re: [SLUG] useful bash tricks thread

On Saturday 07 February 2009 10:00:05 slug-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> It's been a while since there's been a thread like this, so I thought it
> would be fun :)
> so, have you got any?
> I've got 2 to share today:
> alt >and then
> alt <
> for interactive shells, works kinda like ctrl r or !$ - that is, it
> searches your history but in a strangely useful but different way

The petrol in this car .... meaning this message is too vague - BASH does not 
do any of this READLINE in bash does so say do: 
set -o vi
and all the above is completely false, and vi stuff applies instead

So 'when using bash in emacs mode you can ... bla bla'