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[SLUG] Re: Backup notes from Mary's talk (28 Nov)

On 2008-11-28, Michael Chesterton <chesty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Very minor nitpick, rsync can save older data, and put them in
> whatever dir you want.
> before rdiff-backup i used to use rsync --backup --backup-dir=$date-
> based-dir

Thanks for that: I am guessing from the rsync man page though that it
isn't particularly careful to only store the differences and therefore
may take up more space?

There are some alternative rsync-based backup solutions that try and
make the *entire* series of backups available as a file structure,
wasting as little space as possible by hard-linking:
http://www.rsnapshot.org/ is the one I've heard of most,
http://www.nongnu.org/rdiff-backup/related.html under "rsync-based
scripts" has others. For me I've generally found that I pretty much
always want the most recent or next-to-most-recent backup, so I haven't
needed this feature.