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Re: [SLUG] Ubuntu 8.10 Ibex - annoying flashing in Firefox

jam wrote:
On Monday 24 November 2008 10:00:09 slug-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I've recently upgraded from Ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 (Ibex).

I've noticed that Firefox now has this annoying habit of automagically
going into a semi-fullscreen mode, that causes Alt-Tab to flash nastily
whenever Firefox is selected or passed over. Anyone having this problem?
Anyone know of a fix?

A quick fix seems to be to take Firefox to proper fullscreen and back to
normal window mode using F11 F11. But after a while Firefox reverts to
"semi-fullscreen mode".


I didit, but stuffed up other stuff, so no howto.
Thanks Jam. I didn't have time to work it out; I've had other annoyances with 8.04 & 8.10 that I haven't had time to fix so have reinstalled 7.10 - not too big a deal as I usually have /home as a separate partition on my desktops/laptops.

Also, +1 for other comments about how annoying Network Manager is. What I find annoying (as others have mentioned) is that the internals aren't visible, the manpage sucks, and there's no text conf file (it uses some gconf nastiness, reminiscent of Windoze 95).