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Re: [SLUG] Ubuntu 8.10 Ibex - annoying flashing in Firefox

Peter Chubb wrote:
"Sonia" == Sonia Hamilton <sonia@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Sonia> I've recently upgraded from Ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 (Ibex).  I've
Sonia> noticed that Firefox now has this annoying habit of
Sonia> automagically going into a semi-fullscreen mode, that causes
Sonia> Alt-Tab to flash nastily whenever Firefox is selected or passed
Sonia> over. Anyone having this problem? Anyone know of a fix?

I think this may be devilspie.  I removed it, because it made
everything start in fullscreen mode, and go spontaneously into
fullscreen mode whenever selected.

You can try removing it, if you don;t need its features; or trying to
configure it if you do.

Thanks Peter, but devilspie isn't installed...