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Re: [SLUG] Desktop integration with Google Calendar and Remember the Milk

This one time, at band camp, Sridhar Dhanapalan wrote:

> What I want is a desktop reminder similar to what you'd get with
> Korganiser/Kontact, Evolution and so on - something in-my-face that I
> can't miss, but with an option to snooze/suspend. It should also not
> be dependent on a Web browser being in the foreground (or even open at
> all). Gcal and RTM _should_ allow for this easily, except that they
> don't export VALARM parameters in their ICAL feeds. Currently I just
> use the e-mail notification, but that isn't optimal.

You can cobble together a couple of different services to get what you 

imified.com provides an instant message front-end to RTM and Google 
Calendar.  This could work well for your desktop reminders.

I synchronise my phone with my Google Calendar using goosync.com's 
service, and find it quite stable and reliable.  Having my calendar 
with you wherever you go is perhaps the biggest productivity improvement 
I've had in recent years.  There's also a tool to sync Outlook with your 
Google Calendar -- sadly I'm forced to use Outlook at work, but this way 
I can also sync it with my phone.

Finally, check out the Firefox extension that overlays RTM over your 
gmail window.  It's very very cool to have your todos right next 

You're running kinda close to the state-of-the-art by putting all your 
stuff in the cloud, so it's not quite as beautiful as it should be.

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