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Re: [SLUG] OT: moving from Access to ...?

Hi all

Sebastian asked...

> For a bigger project at work I set up a access database a while ago -
> it does the job but I would like to get away from access.
> The database is basically a large list of past job/FEAdesigns for
> later reference. At some stage I wanted to import/export from and to
> out FEA software (a text file).
> I would prefer to have the reporting and data entry done in a web 
> based format.
> Are there any simple good options?

Steven suggested Django which is a web application development framework which uses Python.
I would second that - try it out.  I am using it at my work and it was my first application using Python 
so I had to learn Python at the same time.  I really liked the system very well as I could do quite a lot 
using the online Django tutorials. 

Most importantly is that the framework is very active, lots of developers, a good mailing list/newsgroup and lots of contributed code. And very easy to install and use on Linux!



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