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Re: [SLUG] Keeping wife on linux

Robert Barnett <retsil@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

My wife and I have a shared computer at home, however, I seem to be
facing a loosing battle for her experiences with linux to remain
pleasant. I am running fedora core 9 with additional packages from the
Livna repository

Get a Mac. Then either just use OSX for UNIX services and if possible wean her off evilware with dual booting MSW and for yourself,
Linux of some stripe or another.

Also, set the Mac up with the text/shell based boot sequence, which makes it look more UNIX-y. Then when she is conditioned to the environment, do the bait and switch.

Linux is good, but there is no need to ever go near MSW. A Mac is a good middle step. It might be Apple's UNIX, but at least it's UNIX.


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