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[SLUG] Keeping wife on linux

My wife and I have a shared computer at home, however, I seem to be facing a loosing battle for her experiences with linux to remain pleasant. I am running fedora core 9 with additional packages from the Livna repository

Some nuances:

* We've not been able to find a way to purchase songs from Yahoo or iTunes. I've tried foxy tunes and wine without much success.
* We've had some difficulty with video codecs. Channel nine or ten is using a codec which includes advertisements but only works for Windows Media Player 10+.
* I've also played a few DVDs in MPlayer and other players and just get the "Downloading movies is stealing" on continuous repeat.

Is there a distro which is more likely to work with proprietary codecs? Or am I just better to stick to FC or possibly Ubuntu and use 3rd party packages as i have been doing?

I've been toying with using vmware and running XP SP2, but I think that it would leave me with two systems to maintain rather than one. I may also have to buy a new machine (dual core) to meet the system requirements.

Any suggestions?