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Re: [SLUG] remote mail system

The thing is; these days with so much spam floating around, using your own mail server to "send" mail is as much hit and miss as it is trouble setting up and maintaining. There are so many orgs that blacklist an IP for no good reason, a small organisation has very little chance of getting itself removed from one of these blacklists if you do get listed.

Consequently, I have found the simplest way to deal with this is set your mail server up correctly, at the very least so it's not an open relay (a sure way to get blacklisted), and then set your mail clients up to use your ISP's server as your SMTP server. At least if they get blacklisted, they will have the power to deal with it.

Alternatively set your clients up to use your mail server for SMTP, then have your mail server relay through your ISP's SMTP server.


Adelle Hartley wrote:

Solution 1
Setup your mail client to use your ISP for outgoing mail. I hobbled along with that solution for ages, but from my reading of the above, you've tried it and it didn't work.

Solution 2
I'm using Postfix for outgoing mail, which for a long time I was using for intraoffice mail before setting up Postfix to send outgoing mail.