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Re: [SLUG] Fortress .... err Firewall Australia

Rev Simon Rumble wrote:
This one time, at band camp, James Purser wrote:

Here's a radical suggestion, why don't we mandate that ISP's must offer
a "filtered service" and see who actually picks it up. Instead of
forcing Telly Tubby land on everyone, give it to those who want it, and
leave the rest of us who are able to take responsibility for our
internet usage alone.

I know it's out of fashion this week, but how about letting the market decide? There are already ISPs that provide a filtered service.

great idea...

I wonder what they filter? I wonder if they tell their customers...

I wonder if they tell their customers when they *change* what they filter?

I wonder if they have political views? Religious affiliations?

Food prejudices?

So much to think about.